Claim your rightful ownership and rewards

Why do you want to compromise?


As an entrepreneur, it is your duty to protect your intellectual property. You can copyright a name or trademark brand name to provide security to your identity and creativity from getting stolen. Trademark a name and secure it from theft for maintaining uniqueness.

Protecting your intellectual property is vital not only for your own good, but it should be a strategic move to define your unique identity and claim your rightful reward for innovation and hard work. Availability of technology backed sophisticated options to counterfeiting and piracy at negligible cost, IP protection is a must to protect your brand, growth and profits.

At NameON, we can assist you to register a trademark for your company name, patent business name and help you protect your intellectual property and safeguard the intangible wealth that you possess which can be converted to long term wealth in terms of licensing, cross-licensing, technology transfer, outright sale, partnership, JV etc., We can also provide Intellectual property Naming services.