• Name is the 'Game Changer'
    What do you say?

  • Name Renders Competitive Streak
    Smart Business know that

  • Name Renders Distinctive Identity
    Want us to prove?

  • Name Favours Instant Recall
    What do you say?

"It is all in the name. The right name
ensures an impression and easy recall"

Just how critical is a company name, a product name ? The answer is simple. Nothing will be used for a longer period of time or more often than a company name or a product name. It’s not just a creative exercise. It’s a strategic one. Just look around and see which company or product has raked in billions and its so very clear that they have a fantastic company name, a product name which creates an impression and easy to recall.

What's in a name?

Company name and product names play a key role in how we perceive and remember something. Can you think of a better name to a rose than 'rose'? Businesses can't afford to give scant regard to names anymore. The perfect company name or product name from vast business name ideas provide companies guaranteed advantages. Best company name and product name ideas when coupled with extraordinary service and product quality can make your start-up a successful one. Search for creative company name ideas to give people a good perception of your business.

Names are the 'game changers' now. Names play a significant role in giving competitive edge to a product / brand / company / event etc. Coupled with good execution of business plans and strong team, a product with striking brand name can work wonders.

If you are searching for the right brand naming agency, business naming agency or try a naming consultant with product naming experience or looking to assist you in naming your startup or naming your company, then you have hit the right spot. NameON can do the honours!

Convincing enough? Well, we will show you more and how.

Creating your business / product name:

There are four major categories of names:

  1. Functional & descriptive
  2. Invented names or names built on root languages
  3. Experiential names
  4. Evocative names

The category of name will be chosen depending on

There are four major categories of names:

  1. How the client wants to position the business/ product
  2. How the target segment buys
  3. The total marketing plan and the importance of the name for recall
  4. How the clients want to engage the audience – as an experience, or as an explanation etc

A Process That Works, Consistently

Naming is complex process where it’s personal and subjective. Plus lots of factors to consider like ludicrous trademark and domain-name landscape , and a few linguistic hurdles. We have a naming process distilled over a period of 7 years in the business. How do we elicit the best naming feedback from clients? Who should be involved and when? How do we optimize a client budget for preliminary searches? Which countries are truly essential for linguistics screening? Whatever your issue, we’ve seen it before (probably a few hundred times) and have got you covered with a proven process.