Why getting the right name is very important for branding

Business name is the first touch through which your customers or clients get to know you. Your  business name is your representative since it carries your company’s reputation. People judge a brand simply by hearing it’s name. The thing is – by selecting a good business name you can make your potential consumers believe in the high quality you would be providing and a crystal clear view of what the people can expect in case they are new to your service or products. All entrepreneurs should be aware of the importance of a good business name. Your potential customers must be able to recognize what your company is selling by looking at the name. There are many things to know before choosing the right name for your brand. You need a starting point like what personality you want to project, what type of customer are you seeking. Here are the factors why your brand name is critical for your business success.

Does it create ‘Identity’
Your brand name should carry the value of defining its identity as per your working pattern and category of product or service. Not only business names give identity to the business itself but it creates a new segment of value for the customers. People can identify the products offered by your company easily because of the good business name. It gives them another vibe to remember your brand name, especially for its unique and amazing products.

Is your brand name memorable
Complex names always seem to get forgotten by the customers or any passer-by looking at the billboard mentioning creepy unwelcoming names. But on the contrary, good and easy names that fit on the mind easily gets half of the branding job done. For example names like Intel, Amazon, Walmart fits easily on our brain and helps to memorize easily. You are not going to forget these names easily and their nature of product or service also

Does the name motivate you?
If you are the founder of the business then you must have given a nice name of it according to your taste and business nature. So, it is undoubtedly involving your passion and dedication for your beloved business. Seeing your given identity every single day is a forwarding motivating factor for any passionate business person. You try heart and soul to make it long lasting and profitable because it involves your emotion into it. Ask any entrepreneur who has established any business and doesn’t love its name. I have full confidence that you will get maximum people saying about their love towards the business name.

Does the name give ‘Brand Recall’
It’s not about the brand name memorizing all the time, rather there is another significant thing that is more related to your business. That is brand recalling through your brand name. Suppose your company offers something that is not needed all the time or the nature of the product is not needful all the time. In that situation when they feel to get that product, your product should get name remembered at first which is only possible by having a good business name. If your business name is beyond memorizing and have a creepy name comparing to your competitors then you are certainly going to lose some of your possible customers. Besides having a good name leads others to promote your business without any marketing cost.

Does it create ‘Word Of Mouth’
For any business, whether it is small or big, word of mouth is a long-term asset for it. Existing customers often suggest others to buy products or services from the brand they know is called the process word of mouth. For example, if your business produces Bluetooth headphones and your company name is “Brikx” then it is more likely for your customers to spread the name. Short and easy to remember names are always welcomed by the customers not only for branding purpose but also for easy memorizing.

Is your brand name ‘Easy To Search’
When you choose a good name for your business and your service, people should find it easy to search on the internet or in the local area.

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