The Best Advice You’ve Ever Heard About Naming – 2 Min Read

We all believe planning is the essential part of creating progress. If you have any startup idea, or if you going for Trip , Movie , it would not be successful to start an action without spending time deciding where to start, how the idea should be implemented and some of the goals being aimed for. So before naming your business, brand, company or product, do some ground work or discuss with friends or search in online or consult with naming agency.

We know that a  great name reduces the gap between your company and its audience. Deciding a name for startup, is much more difficult compared with others. But don’t worry, before naming your company check out  this article which will much more helpful to decide.


Great Name Brings Great Recognition

The first step of naming is to decide your goal or aim of the business. Commonly there are 2 types of naming

Descriptive: a name which exactly define your business.

Abstract: a name which act as basis for brand.

So when you naming your company it’s also needed to consider about future goal. A well naming progress that takes into consideration of present and future goals. The perfect name is the one that band together with your plan and goals.

Do Follow:

  • The name should be short
  • The name should be SEO friendly
  • The name should be “verbed” easily. Like”Googled”
  • The name should be meaningful to others
  • The name should be easy to pronounce.

Don’t’ follow:

  • Don’t Copycat
  • Don’t rush the naming process
  • Don’t limit with domain name

Names are underrated, but domains names are (increasingly) overrated – Square, Dropbox,


Choose a perfect name which will distinct from others and domain doesn’t the matters.  After Choosing name discuss with your friends, family and have conversation with them. Finally ask your friends if they remember your name and if so, ask them to spell it.

If they have trouble to remember your name or how to spell , reconsider your naming process. 

Did you have any different Approach? or Are you follow this process? Comment your view we would love to hear you.

Note: if you thinking to name your company contact brand naming agency in Chennai to get creative naming ideas.

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